Welcome to Ideal Friendship Nepal

Ideal Friendship-Nepal, also popularly known as IDF-Nepal, is an initiation taken for goal of empowering the societies from partnered developmental initiatives, exchange programs, volunteer programs, and cultural sharing. IDF-Nepal through its extensive understanding and approach focusing on its objectives tries to incorporate use of all experiences, people, knowledge and resources it gains over the course for attainment of opening doors of possibility that in turn result in development in communities. A little by little, we understand, all of the steps taken by us shall ensure the desired goal.


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Volunteering in Nepal

International Volunteers are welcome to volunteer in various educational and development programs in Nepal. Nepal is one of the developing countries and 15th poorest country in the world with almost one-third i.e. 31% of its population living below the poverty line.


Working at Orphanage

Working at orphanage is a rare and first hand experience to the volunteers. There are many street, homeless, parentless and disabled children in Nepal. There are few numbers of orphanages.